LRCCC Vulcan RC Carpet Series

We would first like to thank Lee Ward, for offering to step up in becoming our title sponsor of this series with his exciting Vulcan RC brand and his team.
We are very excited about working together through the summer months, and offer we are sure, another exciting carpet championship.

So, some of the information to go along with this announcement.

  • The championship series will run over 5 rounds between April and August of this year, with 3 rounds out of 5 to qualify.
  • The classes of cars, 17.5 Boosted, 13.5 Blinky, GT12 and Tamiya truck class will all stay the same as the previous carpet series rules.
  • The rules will stay the same as the winter series in which any motor choice, whether BRCA legal or not will be able to be used. GT12 and Tamiya truck will stay as they are, as both concepts work for both classes.
  • Also with lipos, any 2 cell hard case LiPo battery is permitted whether BRCA legal or not can be used. This is mainly for the benefit of racers with lower budgets or new racers. Please always ensure that a charging pouch is used for the safety of yourself and all the people attending.
  • With tyre choice, we have agreed to continue to run the Sorex 28r. A lot of you will have this tyre already and will be well used to it, so this again saves any further costs of swapping between tyres between the summer and winter. Tyre additives are as permitted by the BRCA, this is to protect the carpet, please ensure you wipe any excess off before each race.
  • At the end of the championship, the winner of each category, will of course receive a trophy, kindly donated by our new sponsor, and as another prize, a new body shell will also be supplied to our winners. For both touring car winners, they will each receive a Zoo racing shell, the Tamiya truck winner will receive a Bittydesign Iron truck shell, and for our GT12 winner, they will receive a Montech GT3 shell. So that is a little bit extra to take away with you as summer series winners.