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News, Reviews and Results - 27th November 2019 - Welcome to the LRCCC website.

Note that some of the Carpet Series rules have been updated to align them with the latest national rules that have been updated recently. Please check - doesn't affect the two main touring car classes. An additional tyre has been added for the touring cars due to a shortage of the Sorex tyres at the moment.

The doors open at 6.00pm and we need to set out the track, so the more people who help with this, the quicker we can start practice. Racing needs to start by 7.00pm if we want to get 4 rounds of racing in and get the track packed away again by 10.00pm. Everyone can help with this, there are lots of jobs that can be done by people of all ages and abilities.

Other clubs in the area are:-
East Coast Nitro at Theddlethorpe for 1/8th IC and electric buggies and truggies on a Sunday from 10.00am.

Round 3 of the Schumacher Carpet Series is on 8th December - online booking in is now open via our Facebook page.

For the 2019/20 winter Schumacher Carpet Series, the rules for F1 and for MTC / M class cars are now included on the Carpet Series Rules page, these will only run if we have sufficient entries. Truck rules have also been updated. The GT12 class will run but may be combined with MTC if we have less than 4 entries in these classes.

Report on Round 5 of the Vulcan RC Carpet Series on 11/8/19 by Chris Lovely

So a month of waiting for round 5 the finale of the Vulcan RC summer has been and gone.
Firstly I would like to thank the club and the committee for a great race series. We was never going to see the numbers as we did with the winter series, but numbers have been solid. I havenít attend all the rounds but feedback has been brilliant.
A thank you goes to the Saturday night crew who again pulled out another great performance and another great track for us to race on. And one more thank you goes to the Lee Ward RC and his Vulcan Rc brand, it was great to have him on board and with us for the series. So onto the racing. A solid number of drivers with a fun filled racing day. A few championships still to be won.

The battle for the championship on this one was wide open. Joseph Cocking has been on solid form with his yokomo bd9, and Stewart Mcleod off the back of some fine racing in his IC racing were favourite for the top honours. Winter series 1 champion Andrew Babb did the same thing heís always done and that was be in the right place at the right time and has hovered in the shadows. Joe was the leader today but only by a small margin of three seconds, Stewart Mcleod running the new Zerotribe Xray looked an improvement but odd mistakes costing. Andrew Babb would only just cover off Peter Covell. Harvey Greenfield and Chris Chapman would round our the top of the sheets.

13.5 blinky
Again another championship wide open. Many have missed races, and some have been and gone. Nathan Winyard with his Xray needed the full package for victory, Lisa Louise Keen has been chipping away with the serpent , and Daniel Burks has found his form this summer after a mixed winter. All of these guys were in with a chance of winning. This was the Nathan show who has masses of pace today. I was second but not on the same pace. Third was Dan Burks showing his decent form. Andrew Green made the return but had to settle for fourth. Jay Kay made another fine return and his car looked mega to make the back of the A final.

A championship sown up early on for Chris Whiteside, but the fight for 2nd is the big one between Ross Smythe and Paul Vincent. A different weekend with the MTC cars added in this one. Chris Whiteside continues his current reign, Chris Sleaford was close behind and Paul Vincent following. Lee Ward was the first of the MTC but v close to the back of the gt12. A lap clear of Micheal Michael Burks and Simon Babb running the 2WD Tamiya M-07 cars..

Dan Burks looks to have sown this one up early doors and has focused on the touring car, the remaining top 3 spots are close and seem near nailed down for Rick and Harvey. Steve Tindall was clear with the proto truck. Dan Burks was a near lap back with the kit trucks, Callum Chapman made a strong debut, and Ed Turrell. Warren Frirth again another A final and a Stella effort Credit to you Carl Frith, along with Richard Howells and Kevin Sands making up a strong A final.

Three guys are guaranteed the honours. But six points separate three guys, with Mick, Michael and Trevor. So a bad qualifying and finals could turn this one. Trevor Sorell would take tq after Dave had others driving his f1 for qualifying aka his Stig. Michael Burks would be second on the grid and Dave would take the remaining spot.

With four rounds of finals it was time to check the finals listing and get set and ready for the double header finals

17.5 C final:
A full heat of finishers in this one. Connor Mccan the star of the show, a round of apostles jusitifed for the little lad. Adam Jessop would come home in second with Rob Robert Kenyon in 3rd. Ian Taylor was 4th for Team ďGooch ????Ē and Pete Collins and our very own Charles Leclerc in Charlie.

B final:
Before the race Matthew Reed told me he was going all out, and so he did. Great to see him enjoying and with this attitude to race. His Xray has been brilliant and got his love of racing going again. Dave Greenfield would have to settle for 2nd in this one, Alan Smith would have a good recovery. Stephen Roberts would continue his massive improvement ahead over Trevor Welbourn. A solid B final appearance for Stuart Stu H Harrison, running the old cars but getting the max out of them.

A final:
The fight for the championship and the main challengers would at the front. The Yokomo of Jesus would get out in, Stuartís Zerotribe Xray looked much better suited to the clubs carpet and these two seemed inseparable. The odd mistake would give hand the victory to Joe, with Stu coming up short. Andrew Babb would have a race to forget with early corner scuffled and a roll on the straight. Peter Covell would step up and take the third place with Chris Chapman coming from the back. Another A final place for Harvey who seems to be costing his dad some money ( sorry Dave). The championship would be won by Joe on this one, super close racing PS, he is accepting sponsors... all welcome

13.5 B final:
Some regular a finalists in this one this time with the additional competition. The young gun Callum Chapman would win the B final. Not the day for Lisa and the Serpent with a second in this final. Lee Ward would get the best of the Xpress in the final to bring it home 3rd, Trevor would not get talking and make it to the race ?? and a broken car in the free practice would mean no Nathan Dearn .

A final:
Call this the Nathan Winyard show, has the pace all day and never was under threat to romp home to a win. I was second but never had the answer for him. Back for this meeting Andrew Green would just hold off Jay Kay, whoís car looked mega. Changing shells for the Montech 2 seen the best for him and it showed mixing it high up. Dan Burks again would have the pace but would get in the mix and round out this final. This win would give Nathan the summer championship.

Gt12 and Mtc:
Chris Whiteside would continue his strong finishes at Louth to take this one, Paul Vincent would come home 2nd and Chris Sleaford 3rd. The mtc and m chassis we were mixed in and the MTC of Lee Ward looked to be getting there steadily. And by the end of the day one he pace, 17.5 and slicks not a bad effort. Michael Burks would be the best of the M spec cars ahead of Simon Babb. More work on these cars but they will get there.

Truck B final:
Harvey Greenfield would just nip this one on the last lap from Andy Babb, super close racing. Simon would finish his day with trucks strong to round out the podium and a solid effort for team Babb. Then comes the team ďGooch racing teamĒ sadly each a lap apart form each other but Adam Jessop winning this one, Stu Harrison the best of the Goochy guys from Ian and Stephen.

Truck A final:
A conclusive win for Steve Tindall with his prototype truck. Dan Burks would be the closest guy to bring home 2nd and with it the championship for the green machine. The race for third otherwise known as the freight train or in f1 terms the trulli train. Not a bad effort for Callumís first run with trucks to come home 3rd ahead of the the previous winner Ed Turrell (he will get you all next time... just taking it easy this one) Richard Howells was always in the mix ahead of Warren who had another Stella afternoon. Carl Frith a credit to you, great to see him enjoy it. Burghs Kevin Sands would have a great first meeting on carpet with his truck to round out the a final.

3 became 2 as they fell by the wayside. Trevor Sorell would get out the front and not look back, an early breakage for Micheal Burks would see Dave take 2nd place. Sadly a lonely race for the three drivers.

With the racing done it was great to see so many stop for the trophies. Was a great atmosphere and laughs and banter in the pits just what the club is about. Despite his health I want to thank our chairman Rick Hellewell, heís the guy running the show and even without racing. Canít thank him enough. With it all wrapped up we can crown five champions. Five deserved winners showing speed and consistency over the rounds. Hopefully this will put them in good stead for the up coming winter season. Iíll leave this to Scott West to talk about our winners. And that said itís time to wrap up the summer time racing. We hope you have enjoyed it all, and will return to race with us again. Details of our up coming winter season events will be live tomorrow pm so keep your eyes peeled. We hope to see you there!!!!

Report on Round 4 of the Vulcan RC Carpet Series on 14/7/19 by Chris Lovely

Not the turnout we were hoping for quite a few no-shows that had booked in. If you canít make it let us know please Thank you to those who put the time and effort in on saturday night to lay the track, hour and half was a good turn around. A flowing track with plenty of switchback corners for our drivers

17.5 Boosted
Joseph Cocking with his Yokomo was top qualifier in 17.5, myself second still blurry eyes and looking like Iíd been dragged through a bush, with Andrew Babb a comfortable third.
13.5 Blinky
In 13.5 saw Lisa Louise Keen show the potential of the Serpent on the low grip carpet, Daniel Burks showing form this summer in second, and then the young duo of Matthew Fox and Callum Chapman
Saw our regular visitors set the track alight Chris Whiteside top dog in this one from Paul Vincent, Ross Smythe and Chris Sleaford
A few front runners not here so some new faces topping the times Richard Howells taking that coveted number one spot, Ed Turrell liking these trucks in second with Harvey Greenfield, Andy Babb and Rick Hellewell, Stu H Harrison getting there with new truck runner Ian Taylor. The non-championship truck of Simon Babb was third overall showing the 17.5 blinky motor option was competitive without being unfairly fast.
Only four F1. Dave Fiddling looked to be top dog, but his fastest three times were disallowed as Mitch Fiddling actually drove them, Michael Burks just edging out Mick Lammiman and Trevor Sorrell rounding out this group

17.5 C Final
Scott Vickers would win the first final with his new speedo showing the extra ponies working. Simon Babb has a rotten day and came second on this ocasion, Pete Collins getting a strong podium from Stu Harrison whoís getting there with tc and young Jack Lawson great to see youngsters coming along
17.5 B Final
Brett Gardner would be unlucky bq and would show he had a final speed to win. Dave Greenfield and Trevor Welbourn would fight for the remaining spots. Great to see Matthew Reed going strong again, with other new starter Ian Taylor whoís really got the bug. Ross Smythe would round this lot out and sadly round off a chassis too
17.5 A Final
Joe Cocking was the man to beat and looked comfortable but two mistakes in finals allowed the bald bombshell of myself to take the wins. Close between us today. Andy Babb would be lonely in 3rd. Harvey Greenfield, would edge out Peter Covell and Chris Chapman would show Callum he too can make an a final
13.5 - B final
Nigel Fox would tq and Jay Kay wanted him to know it. Sadly I donít have the results form this one guys.... sorry
13.5 - A final
Lisa would come out as the winner from two eventful finals. The old/new Mazda looking suited on the serpent on our carpet. Dan has the pace but was so close to todayís win Matthew Fox has good races to round out this podium. Callum would fight with Jk for fourth and was close between them all during these battles on track
Trucks - A Final
Well this was the Turrell show and Ed took the win in this one from Rick and Harvey I believe Again I havenít got these results, but rush Sorry Guys
Gt12 - A Final
Starting order is how these guys finished. Race together weekly and it shows with close action. Chris W taking the win from Paul, Ross and Chris S
The last track action and like true f1 we were down to three cars. Micky B would jump the field with Mick also stepping up a spot. Dave back driving would drop to third and with a no go was Trevor
Scott West will open booking in tomorrow eve for Round 5 of the Vulcan Series and hopefully we will see a few more entries Info on the winter series will follow in the next few weeks
If you canít make out meetings and have booked in please let us know It saves time and means we can get the show going faster
Thanks again guys great to see so many happy faces!!! Until next time peace out!!

Report on Round 3 of the Vulcan RC Carpet Series on 9/6/19 by Scott West

Well thatís round 3 added to the books. Vulcan RC Summer Series well under way now. 41 entries today, I canít thank you all enough. So many events on this weekend on the RC calendar and yet we still achieve that number. Great to have such support for our little family club. Big thank you also to everyone who was able to stay behind and help pack away and roll carpet at the end. You have to remember that these events donít happen without the help we receive to make it happen so thank you. A very fast flowing track today which seemed to go down well with everyone. And again, enough to run 5 classes which is great. Slightly lower numbers and a very smooth run day allowed us to take advantage of grabbing a second final to the day also. Always good to give everyone the opportunity to maximise their racing with us and get those extra points towards the championships.

Starting off with 17.5 touring cars, and with championship leader Stewart Mcleod on the road, this allowed former champion Andrew Babb to take the initiative and take TQ, although he was pushed throughout today and was never gonna have it easy with the fastly improving Harvey Greenfield right on his tail in 2nd and followed very closely again by Brett Gardner and Chris Chapman. Some very close racing throughout all levels on 17.5 today.
13.5 blinky next, and after his TQ last round, Nathan Winyard would again return to top the timesheets and take TQ today. Pushing him Throughout the day would see Daniel Burks taking second, ever improving, Vulcans Junior prodigy Callum Chapman would wrap up third, with Scott Johnston making the A in 4th and Vulcans own Lee Ward RC in 5th.
Onto Tamiya trucks, and a mix of both championship non championship as both Simon Babb and Rick Hellewell looking to find the long term best power setup to replace to stock motor. Simon would take the TQ, but as far as the chamionship goes, it would be Harvey that would take TQ for championship level. And following on with both getting to grips with both trucks and improved driving, would find Adam Jessop and Sri Stu H Harrison in third and forth respectively.
F1 class would continue to run a second round, and TQ would today go to ever consistent Mick Lammiman, Trevor Sorrell would bring his car home in second, enjoying a change of pace and class, Michael Burks brings home in 3rd and Matt Dutfield rounds off the class.
And finally the gt12. Showing fast pace all through the day would bring the TQ to Chris Whiteside, Ross Smythe would follow a Lap back in second, with Paul Vincent and Chris Sleaford would complete the qualifying action.

Finals followed, and as stated 2 finals today so extra chances for positions and points. And starting with the trucks would see Simon Babb come out on top, with Harvey Greenfield 2nd and a well earned 3rd for Adam Jessop. There were 3 17.5 finals, and C final winner would again be Adam Jessop, B final top spot going to Matthew Reed and the A final win going to Andrew Babb
2 finals for 13.5. B final win would today go to Nathan Dearn, then behind them both pushing each other hard were Tory Ward and Big D Racingís own Daniel Newton in 2nd and 3rd. The A final would again see Nathan Winyard please his sponsors taking the win, Callum Chapman moving up one further place to 2nd and Scott Johnson getting his A final podium spot in 3rd. And the last 2 finals of the day would give Mick Lamiman the win for F1, and Chris Whiteside getting the final win with his GT12.
Hopefully you have all enjoyed another smoothly and fun days racing with us. Apologies for today as due to spending most of my day with the screwdrivers fixing my car and supporting on race control Iíve not had the opportunity to get some photos this time round, but aim to be back to full force for the next round.
Finally, look out tomorrow night as I will open the pre booking for round 4 of the series which will take place on 14th of July. Hopefully the date doesnít clash with as many other events and get a few more to come and join us next time round. A final thank you to Simon for bringing the carpet trailer, to Rick for setting up the event and running it again so well, and to Andy for helping to support race control with myself and Simon and rick. So thatís it for this round, and see you all again soon either back at club night racing on Tuesday, or again in 4 weeks time for round 4 of the Vulcan RC Summer Series

Report on Round 2 of the Vulcan RC Carpet Series Series on 12/5/19 by Simon Babb
The Vulcan RC Summer Carpet Series sponsored by Vulcan RC is well under way with round 2 now complete. This round included a heat for F1 cars but only 4 turned up, we really need more to make it worthwhile and more competitive for those racing, so if you have one on a shelf somewhere, how about getting it ready for the next round? Racing was close in all the heats and classes and there will be more of a race report and loads of photos on the Facebook page, courtesy of Scott West who is the main organiser for this series. Several racers entered Non-championship trucks that did not comply with the regulations, these were all fitted with a fixed timing 17.5 turn brushless motor controlled by the kit Tamiya ESC and fitted with the 55 tooth spur gear from the speed tuned gear set. These proved to be a good match for the trucks with the kit Torque tuned motor, almost exactly matched for speed, but no need for heat sinks and fans as they hardly got warm. If this is repeated throughout the series we will look to adding this as an option for the next series as these motors are basically fit and forget and can be bought online for about £20. We are not considering permitting motors with adjustable timing set to zero, only motors with fixed timing. Watch out for further updates on this.
Check here for more info on the series.
The full results are here

Report on Round 2 of the Meridian Series on 7/5/19 by Simon Babb

The full results are here

Apologies for the problems with race control this week, hopefully a one off hiccup which unfortunately meant we only had time for two rounds of qualifying and a final. Good to have Rick back with us to sort things out. A good turn out of both cars and trucks this week with close racing throughout the heats. A few surprises in qualifying, the main one being myself qualifying for the "A" final. The full results are listed on the results page. Hope to see everyone on Sunday for Round 2 of the Vulcan Carpet Series, where we may have sufficient entries to run a heat of F1 cars. We need a minimum of 4 F1 cars to run a heat, the rules will be open for this first round, foam or rubber tyres and no motor limit, but please keep it sensible!

Report on Round 1 of the Meridian Series on 30/4/19 by Scott West

The full results are here

Evening guys. Here are the qualifying details and finals results from last nights Round 1 of the Meridian series. Good to see good turnout, returning members and future members having a look at what we do. Running last night with 3 qualifiers and 1 final format. Jason Lovely would take TQ in the Touring cars with brother Chris Lovely in second after dealing with power issues. Burghs Paul Chapman would round out the top 3. And with a small truck showing this week, it would be the junior, Harvey Greenfield taking the TQ with Michael Burks very close behind in second and Dave Greenfield 3rd. Simon Babb taking the opportunity to continue to work on further truck power options running in a prototype truck class, to further develop knowledge in where truck power can go without the stock motor set up.
Finals followed to end the night with the full results here . Some good close racing throughout and an enjoyable night as normal on the social front. Thatís it for this week, we continue on next Tuesday with round 2 of the series and we begining to gear up for some more carpet action on Sunday 12th, holding round 2 of the Vulcan RC Summer series.

Note on the prototype truck used this week, it was completely kit standard except for bearings plus it had a 17.5 turn fixed timing brushless motor controlled by the kit Tamiya TBLE02 ESC and was geared 25/55 instead of the kit standard 19/61. It was well matched on speed with the Torque Tuned motor trucks, no motor heat sink or fan required, and should have been more competitive but was driven by a muppet this week! - Simon Babb

Report on Round 1 of the Vulcan RC Carpet Series on 14/4/19 by Scott West

The full results are here

Afternoon everyone. Well we have now completed the first round of our Vulcan RC Summer Series. I can safely say the day could not have gone any better today. So letís start off with the thanks. Firstly to Lee Ward RC for getting behind this series as title sponsor. Hopefully today has been a great start for you and we will continue to make for good race days throughout the series. Thank you to Simon Babb and Dave Fiddling for setting up the event on the computer and running race control in the absence of our chairman Rick Hellewell, we wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully he will soon be back behind the race screen again. Thank you again to both Richard Howell for the transport of the carpet trailer and to everyone who helped out last night to set up for today and for the help to clear up after the event also. And a final thanks to all you guys in getting behind the start of the series. To think having 47 entrants today, running alongside clubmans and other events, I couldnít be any happier in the commitment and support I have received.

So, onto some racing, and looking at some results of our 4 rounds of qualifying. We start off with the 17.5 touring cars. Winter Series runner up Stewart Mcleod was today the man to beat, making a statement throughout the day as the early championship favourite, running a lap clear of the rest of the field. Former winner Andrew Babb showing he still has a lot of pace as 2nd was a good starting point to build on. After a mixed winter on carpet, Scott West aimed to get amongst the pace and after a strong last run took 3rd place. Showing ever impressive performances, young Warren Frith only 2 tenths behind in 4th. Very close on both their heels in 5th and 6th respectively are returning racers Brett Gardner and Stephen Stephe Hart. Great to see you both return for another series.
Onto 13.5 touring now. And as expected, numbers in this series being a little Lower due to clubmans. So a chance for others to shine and a few new faces having a crack at this category. Ever present podium finisher in the winter series Andrew Green would today take TQ this time round, closely followed in second by our own Dan Daniel Burks, in his first attempt at 13.5 a very impressive 3rd for ever improving Callum Chapman, showing he has the pace and skill to be pushing the front runners for a long time to come. 4th today goes to again ever improving Scott Johnston getting his chance in the A final. We then have our Vulcan RC boys following in 5th and 6th with Nathan Dearn getting the one over fellow racer and Title sponsor Lee Ward. And to complete to order, both new to 13.5 are #BigDRacings own Daniel Newton showing the passion to wanna press on with his race craft and Trevor Sorrell juggling classes with his first chance on 13.5.
Onto the fans favourite the Tamiya trucks. Continuing on after his winning class from the winter series, Mitch Fiddling taking the TQ. Although this time given a run for his money by the ďBurks BoysĒ with Dan finishing 2nd and father Michael Burks taking 3rd. Ever consistent, Rich Howells following along in 4th, Waz pushing to improve in both categories by bringing his truck home 5th and ever present in the top end Harvey Greenfield in 6th. Simon Babb was trying his non-championship truck which was performing well, but had to retire after round 1 due to connecting the battery the wrong way round!
GT12 class to end the qualifiers today, and a heat of 6 to push each other today, but taking top qualifying honours goes to Chris Whiteside, new face to our events Gabriel Henson coming next in 2nd, with Vulcans own Lee Ward bringing his car home in 3rd, followed on by Paul Vincent in 4th, and rounding off the qualifying we finish with Chris Sleaford in 5th and Ross Smythe in 6th.

17.5 D Final, with fast improving Stephen Roberts taking first place today, coming in second is Brian Jessop, young Charlie Jessop rounding off the podium in 3rd and club comedian Pete Collins rounding out in 4th. C final to follow, and what you certainly can call close racing, and by only 5 one hundredths , Trevor Welbourn just nicking top spot from Mick Lammiman, and with another very close to call moment, by another 5 one hundredths of a second the young flyer Connor McCann taking a last ditch pass to sneak 3rd place from Alan Smith. Rounding out the final again very closely contested are Adam Jessop in 5th and Stu H Harrison in 6th.
17.5 B final next, and the younger greenfield Harvey would take top spot this time, pole man Simon Babb having to settle for 2nd with Ross Smythe in 3rd, Michael Burks following closely in 4th with Dave Greenfield running 5th and Chris Chapman ending the final in 6th. To end the category with the A final, Stewart McLeod would walk off with this one and take top honours today, best of the rest was closely contested with Scott West breaking through to take 2nd, Warren closely following to take the final podium spot in 3rd, Brett Gardner would sneak through to take 4th, and to end the final Andrew Babb would take 5th and Stephen Hart rounding out in 6th.

Moving on to 13.5 and just the 2 finals to run this tie around. B final honours would today go to Vulcans Nathan Dearn, Trevor Sorrell sneaking in to second as powerless at the end Lee Ward would have to watch the last minute or so and settle for 3rd with big D rounding out the final in 4th. The A final would bring the question of would it be Andrew Green or Dan Burks to take the win, Dan taking the early pace and looking to take the win, but after a late find of face, Andrew found the pace to pass around the outside and go on to take 1st with Dan having to unluckily take 2nd, Callumís impressive race craft would see him take 3rd and Scott Johnson in 4th, but I wouldnít be surprised to see any of these guys pushing for top spot by the end of the series.

Tamiya Trucks are next, and again 2 finals to watch, and the B final honours today going to Andrew Babb, Harvey Greenfield would settle for 2nd with Stuart Harrison sneaking the podium spot in 3rd and Adam Jessop rounding out in 4th. And the A final today in trucks ends with Mitch carrying on from his TQ to take the A final win, and with the battle of the Burks, Dan would take 2nd with Michel in 3rd, rich Howells would take 4th spot and Warren would round out the truck final in 5th.

And onto the final of the day, the GT12s, all in one final today, and winning spot goes to Chris Whiteside, 2nd going to Vulcans own Lee Ward and final podium spot going to Paul Vincent. Chris Sleaford would today take 4th, Ross Smythe would end up in 5th, and unluckily at the end due to a problem Gabriel Henson would have to today settle for 6th.

So that rounds out todays event, a great start to the series. Was great to get round and see you all through the day and was great to have good feedback and comments on the day as a whole, so thank you to you all. Look out for the pictures this evening , and as of next week, I will be opening up pre booking for round 2, 4 weeks today on the 12th of may. It has been asked as part of the next pre booking, that the option to have a F1 class added to the options as a group of racers have the cars, and want somewhere to race so we are giving the chance to give them a heat. So look out for more details next week. Any further comments of suggestions please feel free to get in touch. Thank you all again and enjoy your evening and see you all soon for round 2

Report on Round 6 of the Winter Series on 17/3/19 by Chris Lovely on
Click here for full report and photos.

Report on Round 5 of the Winter Series on 17/2/19 by Chris Lovely

So thats it, round 5 is in the books. Another high capacity meeting, with 85 entrants being the best ever for the club. 85 drivers for a club that one and a half years ago struggled to get 20 or 25, its amazing and something pure amazing for a small club like ours. Before I get going into this race report I want to thank those who gave up there time last night, in 45 mins or so the volunteers got the carpet laid, the trailor moved round, track mostly assembled. Then the hardcore few returned this morning to sort the track at half six, so thank you, if you did either of these, and a bigger thank you if you did both. Another big thanks goes to those behind the scene. You hear and see me, see me on here, and hear me at the meetings, but the committee behind this club is a amazing and helps push to makes these meetings the best we possibly can. So please thank them, they know who they are.

So now to the track action

With champion elect Jason Lovely, winning the championship and stepping up to blinky 13.5, and current out going champion Andy Babb not at the meeting who would step up. Stewart Mcleod would be the guy, too many times the bridesmaid, he would set a hot pace with his Xray. Steve Tindall would be hot on heels, and Sleafords own Brett Gardner buidling on a successful first meeting. Callum Chapman would show some great pace with his Yokomo, and running two classes wouldn't deter Peter Covell from setting fast times. Kevin Bishop would have a new motor but his old relic car, but showing great consistency. Harvey put in a superb perofmance and also another young man showing form was Warren Frith. A big thank you has to go to the guys from Sleaford who attended our race meeting, its great they can come race with us after the sad closure of their venue, so thank you Ross Smythe, Matt Dutfield and Bob Cook.

Ricky Lee would set off where he left off from his previous outing, showing amazing performance with his Surpass powered Awesomatix. I would keep him honest, but never be close enough to challenge. Andrew Green and Nathan Winyard would leave it till the last round of qualifying to settled the fight for 3rd. Mikey Mansell would find the form in his Capricorn powered by Smc motors, Jason Lovely would showed the form that gave him the boosted championship. Garry Plant would again show pace with his Awesomatix and make the A final. Joseph Cocking was unlucky not to make the top final with his Yokomo, and Kyle Lee again showed fine form. Joe Hawnt and Shane Dye had speed in their Capricorns along with debutant Kieran , a thank you goes to Kieran for not only supporting our series but racing in it too.

13 entrants in the super close truck class. With no champion elect Mitch, it was a case of who would step up. After previous finals it could be anyone. Jason Lovely was the man to set the early pace, newbie to the class James Beckett and his pepper pig force India would make it in second. Steve Tindall would be a close 3rd, and Tom Hardy 4th not showing the fast form as of late. Chris Chapman would remain under the radar, with now official club member Phill Campbell and our very own Ed Turrell rounding out the top final. Dave Fiddling and Harvey Greenfield were super close to that final a final spot. Stu H Harrison would wear the biggest and enjoyable smile, from our chairman Rick Hellewell ( I believe hes sand bagging), Woz would have not much luck with his truck, and Adam Jessop still getting to grips with his new truck.

7 drivers was great to see in the GT12 class, a class we would love to see thrive, so please get behind it. Lewis Williamson would make a debut appearance at the club and would set the standard for the rest to follow, another debutante Chris Whiteside would have a Stella four rounds, Shane would have the bragging rights over brother Steve. Chris sleaford would slot himself between the pair. Paul would have a quieter day, and Ross would have a different day then with his touring car.

So four rounds of qualifying in the books, finals were sorted, numbers were lined up, and it was time for the main events.

17.5 club class D final
Stephen Roberts would take the victory in the D final, which had many new faces in it. I would like to thank Stephen for jumping in and helping the club, straight from the off, showing the spirit we love at the club mucking in with helping put out the track, showing up last night and early this morn. Young Charlie jessop would driver a fine race and bring home second in the final, a long day for Matt Dutfield, but would be happy with 3rd, Bryan Jessop wouldn't have the final we wanted, and Pete Collins would sadly have to leave early, but as always we appreciated the efforts he puts into the club.

C final
Another Sleaford RC Raceways victory, as Ross Smythe would take home the spoils. Tory Ward tried to sand bag, and not have his picture without his hat, but sadly his talent came through and that picture had to be taken, after a great drive t0 2nd. the final podium fight was close and Dave Greenfield, would take it from the ever improving Connor Mccan, a fan favourite of Daniel Newton would take home the victory in the Jessop battle, Stu Stu H Harrison would get his budget mi1 round in great fashion, and Bob Cook would sadly lose his transponder mid race but continue to fight on.

B final
Car two on the grid, but Scott West would show he has the A final pace, and take B final, Trevor Welbourn would bring home in 2nd, Mr steady, Michael Burks, would have another solid race. Alan Smith would have one of his best reuslts ahead of Mick Lammiman, Steve Dye would had an off day, Stephe Hart who's day was smoking in many ways and Mike Mansell dusting off the sticks but not having the luck in the final.

A final
RC Discos very own Stewart Mcleod would set the pace all day and this final was no exception taking the victory. Steve would show his pace and keep Stu honest, in second setting the fastest lap along the way, and the young Callum Chapman ever improving in 3rd. Our own Mr BRCA Peter Covell had a strong run to 4th, Kev Bishop an all round nice guy and top fella, showing some great pace with his old SST, in front of Harvey Greenfield who had a great debut in this final, Brett Gardner had no luck when it came to the final, and sadly Warren wouldn't get past the first corner, but was his best performance in the TC class, and I think a hats off goes to him

D final 13.5
Peter Covell would have a harder day in the 13.5 class, but would make it for it with the win, Mr Vulcan rc Nathan Dearn would come home 2nd, and a thank you to Nathan for taking on the job of Lee Ward, but we hope to see them both soon, Scott Johnston would have a rocky day but bring it home 3rd, from Andy Talbot, Chris Harrison and sadly Ed wouldn't make the start.

C final 13.5
Some super close racing in this one, and at one point, it looked like a final nobody wanted to win. For a while Phil Campbell look like he had it in the sack, but sadly not, as Matthew Fox would end his first day at Louth with the win, Nigel Fox wanted the 1-2, Phil jumped between them. Matt Carter would have a mixed day showing pace in his Destiny car, Daniel Robbo Robinson has pace in his car, but a tight track and fast pace would see him sturggle.Tom Penn did it the right way, leave your car at the track, and pick it a month later and still do well. Paul Crawford had a mixed final but the best his car has looked, and great to have him back.

B final 13.5
Some quality in this final, and drivers who deserve to be in the top final. The first few laps were super tight and Jesus Joe and Kyle Lee were pushing themselves down the straight not giving an inch. Our very own Jesus would take the win, Kyle in second and 3rd would go the way of Joe H. Kieran Adamson would end his day with a sold final from Kev Lanes Aerials Lane who showed pace, Shane Dye again has potential in the Capricorn and Daniel Burks who showed the pace all day.

A final
Call this the Ricky Lee show, only minor mistakes of his own would ever see him under threat from the rest as he would take the fastest lap and race victory showing the speed in his Aweomatix. I would come home in second, and Andrew Green would see off the chasing pack to make another podium finish. Mikey Mansell again showed the pace in the Capricorn car to take 4th, Jason Lovely wouldn't disgrace himself in this final just pipping Garry Plant. Jason Lovely, Garry has asked if you could go faster? Nathan was unable to show the heroics from the previous round and a moved motor would stop his charge.

Truck B final
Sadly the results have missed me somewhere. Dave Fiddling would take home the victory from Harvey, and Mike Mansell

Truck A final
If this was anything like the previous meeting this would be super close and so it was. These guys have everyone watching and at times were pushing each other round. All the same speed, but some struggling with grip rolling and others just rolling. Steve Tindall would keep it on all four, even having one of the slower trucks he would take home the victory. Jason Lovely was faster but had a hard to drive truck and would bring home second Tom Hardy would be out of the running early doors, leaving the motley crew to battle. The biggest cheer of the day would come when Ed Turrell from the back of the grid would bring home 3rd, thats a squiggle victory. Phil Campbell was close but no cigar, and James Beckett would show his banzi apporach, from Tom Hardy and Chris Chapman

Last but not least was the GT12 boys. running the smaller cars, and all blinky these boys would enjoy the extra minute of racing to keep them on their toes. Lewis Williamson would put the pedal to pump in the extra two laps from Shane Dye who would again take home the bragging rights, Chris Whiteside would enjoy his first meet with 3rd. Chris Sleaford, Steve Dye, Ross Smythe and Paul Vincent would round out this 6 minute session.

So that wraps up my report, I would like to thank all ours sponsors but I've written for long enough. Thank you again for coming and enjoying the meeting, and pre booking for our nest meeting in March will open tomorrow night around 6pm so keep your eyes pealed.

Report on Round 4 of the Winter Series on 12/2/19 by Scott West

Evening everyone. Thatís round 4 of our Winter championship done. Good numbers again tonight, few more trucks in the truck heat, and great to see a few new faces having a go. A thank you to Dave fiddling for helping out with them. Three rounds tonight, Chris juggling both touring car and truck as well, and able to take TQ in both classes. Truck class always good to watch and Chris not always having it his own way with Harvey Greenfield, Simon Babb, Ed Turrell and Adam Jessop pushing him throughout. Four heats of touring cars with the first heat going to Stephen Roberts showing some strong racing now he is getting up and running which is great to see, with Pete Collins and Bryan Jessop not far behind, the 2nd heat, after a difficult start giving Scott Johnston a top spot at the end, with young Charlie Jessop and Jerry Boothe following along in 2nd and third. The 3rd heat was the top heat, Chris already taking the top spot with Paul Chapman in 2nd and myself in third after some very close racing with Simon Babb and Mick Lammiman, and the final heat, a little bit out of sync with Alan Smith having to change cars in the final round but again Danny Suki, Dave Greenfield and John Peall pushing each other throughout the whole evening.
Just a reminder we are carpet racing on Sunday, Chris Lovely will of course give you more information during the week and booking in is still open on Facebook so get your names down, some very strong numbers booked in already so should be a great day, Iím sure we all look forward to seeing what track Jason Lovely has install from the crayola box on track design. Thatís it for tonight and see you all at the weekend

Report on Round 4 of the LRCCC Schumacher Carpet Series on 13/1/19 by Chris Lovely (with a little bit of editing by yours truly!)

So the Christmas and new year wait is over. New cars, trucks, bodyshells, batteries and motors all ready and set. First of all the thanks wants to go those who were able to help set the track for Sundayís meeting. Without these guys you wouldnít have the track you do today or the race meeting. A thanks to the committee who have the drive to put these meetings into effect and allow us to have these meetings, the careful planning and setup. And to the sponsors, Muz Schumacher, Greg Hill, Gareth Hollis Daniel Austin, Richard Thorpe, Kieran Adamson, Jamie Booth and Remo Casadei 74 entrants for the meeting would be a record for the club, split between 13.5 blinky, 17.5 open, gt12 and trucks.

Track action

The biggest class of the day, Jason Lovely would take the reigns at the top of the time sheets hotly followed by Stewart Mcleod and Steve Tindall The biggest class would produce some do the closest times, meaning the race for the a final would be super close. The A final would be made up of Jason Lovely, Stewart McLeod, Steve Tindall, Callum Chapman, Andrew Babb and Scott West making a return to the A final after starting out in the B group, and Brett Gardner from the Sleaford club showing solid pace.

Last meeting was super close not only to make the final but to make up the podium places. Chris Lovely would take spot for the rest to follow, and with a strong class of 19 drivers it was super close. With times being super tight the A final would be made up by Chris Lovely, Andrew Green, Ricky Lee, Kyle Lee, Joseph Jesus Cocking, our main man Daniel Burks and Nathan Winyard having an out of sorts practice. A good mix of chassis with Xray, Awesomatix and Yokomo.

Considering this was a class that was a stop gap for the buggies, it has truely taken off. 19 entries from a class that months ago didnít excist. Following on from the finals last time, Mitch Fiddling would lead the pack by a lap from Jason Lovely, Tom Hardy and Steve Tindall. Tom showed great pace early on, putting the frighteners into the remainder pack. With a class growing so fast, it was tight to make the main final. A class that can only get bigger, as things are super simple and racing super close. The A main would consist of Mitch, Jason, Tom, Steve, James Beckett making another one off appearance and doing a banging job and Phil Campbell, not bad considering it wasnít finished a few days ago!! Plenty of new faces in this class and itís so tight and was brilliant to watch.

A bigger class than normal with 8 drivers which is nice to see as GT12 is a great class that only improves the driving. Mixed abilities but this wouldnít stop or dampened the on track action, with Russell Woodhouse leading away, the chasing group followed by Gary Williamson in hot pursuit , Paul Vincent, Chris Sleaford, Steve Dye RC Dave Fiddling, Sean Cohen and Jerry Boothe

With four rounds of qualifying in the book, the finals were rounded up.

D final 17.5
Connor McCann would come out on top in this final full of the young guns. Scott Vickers would better his 4th places which he seemed to gain all day. Pete Collins would get third after breaking an Xray somehow and a new driver and one we hope to see more of in Liam Jackson

C final 17.5
Harvey Greenfield would take home more sweets bringing home the victory from Trevor Welbourn, and the returning Mark Knowles, good effort on his return Big Daniel Newton continues to improve ahead of Alan Smith, Tory Ward and Jerry Boothe

B final 17.5
The very nearly final. With so many drivers this was going to be the final with drivers who deserved to be in the A final. Drivers who over the months have shown capabilities of getting into the top final Steve Dye RC showed the pace that should have got him into the A final, winning from Michael Burks whoís steady style gets him in these sweeties positions and Simon Babb having a better day with the T4, Mick Lammiman would have another solid day ahead of Stephe Hart, Mike Mansell and Dave Greenfield out scoring Harvey Greenfield here

A final 17.5
Jason Lovely wouldnít have the easiest finals with close starts and Collins with back markers. Stewart Mcleod would have to settle to be bridesmaid ahead of Steve Tindall, Callum Chapman would have another solid effort ahead of Andrew Babb with Scott West making them strides and Brett Gardner making his trip worth while!! Jason would wrap up this championship ship and will move onto 13.5

C final 13.5
Nigel Fox would trump the C final with Nathan Dearn pushing hard. Phil Campbell would bring it home 3rd, Agraís of Andy Talbot again thank you for putting in the miles and our very own Ed Turrell

B Final 13.5
The very nearly final. With so many drivers this was going to be the final with drivers who deserved to be in the A final. Drivers who over the months have shown capabilities of being into the top final The Rc racing Europe guys went for it Graham Robert Scott, with Joe Hawnt showing he had the pace for the main. Mikey Mansell would have an out of sorts day but come home second, Kevin Kev Lanes Aerials Lane finding his feet in 3rd, a solid 4th on his debut at Louth for Daniel Robbo Robinson ahead of Scott Johnston whoís moving on well since his switch of class, in front of the returning Tom Penn (ps we have your car) and Matt Carter whoís destiny has the pace to be higher

A final 13.5
The final no one wanted to win A mixed start saw myself and Andrew Green break from the field. Ricky Lee had a steady start whilst Joseph Cocking, Daniel Burks, Kyle Lee and Nathan Winyard fought it out A moving motor and spur gear would end my hopes, and Andrew looked to have control. Ricky powered back and his brother followed suit. It seemed no one wanted to be on the podium as they all had chances. Ricky Lee would come out winner from Andrew Green, and Nathan Winyard coming through from 7th. Joseph Cocking and Daniel Burks has chances but failed to capitalise.

Truck C final
Stu H Stu H Harrison would have a busy first week at the club wood floor and carpet racing. A great new addition to the club taking the win, Harvey Greenfield would keep him honest. And a nice 3rd for the returning Warren Frith. Our chairman Rick Hellewell making strides after his Xmas purchase in 4th with Sean Cohen 5th

Truck B final
Chris Chapman would be the nearly man to win the B final in convincing style. Ed Turrell having a stella day with his truck looking solid going round, coming out on top of John Yarnall who we havenít seen in this final this final this series and in front of the Babb boys of Andrew Babb and Simon Babb, Bryony Freeman having a good day solidly placing in the B, with Richard Howells suffering wheel issues

Truck A final
One of the best races I have ever seen and one of the biggest crowds too. It started super close with Tom Hardy applying all the pressure on Mitch with Toms butt cheeks going Mitch held his nerve. Jason attacked Tom, and they fought for most of the race. James would close in from nowhere. Crashes, collisions and pure fun, saw Jason into second and James to third, Tom falling to pieces in fourth. Phil Campbell plays the pantomime villain showing the pace was there just being a lap down. Mike Mansell showed mega pace to be in this final one of the few remaining Tamiya original shells out there.

Gt12 A final
6 mins for the GT12 drivers meant an extra minute of concentration and on track action. Russell Woodhouse would take a comfortable win from Gary Williamson and Paul Vincent The full results are on the Results page

A big thank you goes to all you, the drivers. For putting in the miles, the early alarm clocks. Without you this isnít at all possible. So thank you for making it what it is today, we move into the final two rounds with most championships still up for grabs. The next round is on February 17th, and online booking will go live tomorrow night.

Report on Round 3 of the LRCCC Schumacher Carpet Series on 9/12/18 by Chris Lovely

So there we go. For the last time this year the carpet is rolled up and put away. Firstly I want to thank you all the drives for coming to our meetings, the early alarms, the miles of driving so thank you. The commitee I want to thank you also. Yes itís my face you always see online, posting and pestering but itís a massive effort. They each play there part, from making posters, buying sweets, setting up the computer and getting the trailor here. So to the track action. 70 drivers turned up, while the temperatures are cold outside.

17.5 Jason Lovely would have to wait til late on to set the pace after breakages would halt early progress with his new xray T4-18. Stewart Mcleod would settle for second after a few body shell changes, and settling with the new Zoo racing preopard. Birthday boy Andrew Babb would bring up 3rd and weíd all like to wish him a happy birthday. Returnee Steve Tindall would have another good performance ahead of James Beckett again making the a Milan with young Callum Chapman. Steve Dye RC would make the a final with Asssociated tc7.2, thank you for making the trip. Oliver Toothill would return and just miss out

13.5 Ricky Lee would debut at the club and set about the tq. Nathan Winyard and myself would mix it but miss out on tq rounds. Andrew Green would show an improvement to form with 4th. Joseph Cocking our very own Jesus shows improved form with the new Yokomo bd9, ahead of Garry Plant. Shane Dye would miss out with his new a Capricorn ahead of Daniel Burks whoís just missing out the consistency as the speed is there.

Trucks Tom Hardy the actor would set the early pace, Mitch Fiddling would play it cool and miss out round one. Jason would be up there again, with Steve Tindall, Richard Howells and John Yarnall all mixing it up

GT12 The Russell Woodhouse show, as he would be a lap up on Lee Ward, Paul Vincent, Chris Sleaford and Sean Cohen During the break before the finals we would have a raffle kindly donated to the club by Lee Ward RC and his Vulcan RC brand. Alan Smith was the lucky winner of the Bittydesign pit mat.

Final time

Truck B final The Babb boys were out in force in this final for the bragging rights. Birthday boy Andy would come out on top. Harvey Greenfield would bring home the bacon in second. Dave Fiddling would come home in 3rd ahead of Simon, Oli and not in last on the time sheets Rick Hellewell who is like to thank massively. He broke down early doors but sat out the day and did the computer work, and books the venue and runs the club to a high standard and we canít thank him enough.

Club class E final A final with a lot of new drivers, something great to see. James Handley would return to racing, and do a Stella job winning the final. Alfie Larder would have a good day first time on carpet in front of Bryan Jessop and Charlie Jessop, the older getting one over the youth, ahead of Tory Ward having an unlucky day.

Club class C final A big battle would ensue in this final. Bragging rights between the Peall brothers but who would top it?? Neither as Jerry Boothe would hold onto to his first place from pole, Brian Peall would storm through from 4th to beat John Peall and take them bragging rights. Scott Vickers would have a good day and Adam Jessop first time on carpet beating his family and doing a mega job. Our resident fisherman Pete Collins rounding this one out.

Club class B final Harvey Greenfield would storm through a final with a mixed up order. Mr Steady Michael Burks would crave through the field like your Xmas turkey, Scott West would unleash the bhp with a to the line battle with Stephen Hart. Dave Greenfield would bring home 4th, and our new pilot mr Ryanair Simon Babb ?????? and the very unlucky Oliver Toothill

13.5 Blinky C final Nigel Fox would bring this one home from Nathan Dearn, great driving from them both and thank you for putting in the miles to race with us. Andy Talbot would seem surprised but brought home 3rd and the Terryís choc. He would bring home 3rd just ahead of Scott Johnston whoís ever improving since switching class ahead of Trevor Sorrell mixing it in two classes and our major cool guy Ed Turrell

13.5 Blinky B final The final in which was very close. Shane Dye would break early doors to allow Dan Burks to take the win, keeping it pinned to the end. Phil Campbell continuing to improve in the class to edge out the seasoned pro that is Peter Covell. We want to thank Pete for taking pics today and we canít wait to see the pics. Kev Lanes Aerials Lane would bring home 4th again thank you for making the trip ahead of Lee Ward making strides

13.5 Blinky A final Ricky Lee would get into cruise control. The battle for the podium was the big one. Nathan and Andrew Green would fight for the majority of the race, as I would fight back from an early body tuck. Andrew would get the better of Nathan before Nathan would get airborne. With Ricky taking the win from Andrew and myself, Nathan 4th from Jesus Cocking and Garry Plant having a great day to make the main

17.5 A final Jason would take an early command and keep a steady lead. Stewart would break from the rest of the field and secure a solid second. The battle for 3rd looked liked James Beckett would take time the goods but his batteries had other ideas falling out. The young Callum Chapman would bring home 3rd, with birthday boy Andy Babb suffering an early breakage putting him out.

GT12 Russ Woodhouse would take a lead he would never look back from, Lee Ward would suffer issues during the road. Paul Vincent would bring home second and Chris Sleaford would bring home 3rd after swapping cars throughout the day

Lastly I want to thank you all Hope everyone has got home safe. If we donít see you for the final club meeting on Tuesday I want to thank you all, and wish you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year Hopefully we shall see you all again on the 13th for round 4, which booking in will go live form Monday eve.

Report on the the club night on 4/12/18 by Scott West

Evening everyone. Chris Lovely gets a break tonight as I was back. Another club night done and dusted. Always nice to have a good relaxed atmosphere as we near the end of this years racing. Still good to see a few more faces tonight. Encouraging going into next year. 3 rounds and a final tonight. TQ going to Chris Lovely edging out Mitch Fiddling in second and Jason Lovely third. Also good to see 3 trucks tonight driven by Simon Babb, Andrew Babb and Richard Howells. Hopefully will become more common on wood floor going into next year as well as carpet.
Finals time. Starting with D final, and top spot going to Bryan Jessop, with Charlie Jessop in 2nd, newcomer Jack Eastwell in 3rd and with an unfortunate retirement Adam Jessop in 4th. Then onto the C final, with Andy Babb's truck taking 1st, Alan Smith in 2nd, followed by John Peall 3rd, Pete Collins 4th and Simons truck suffering a breakdown rounding out the final. Moving on to the B final, a close contest with Mick Lammiman taking top spot , Michael Burks just behind in 2nd, Ricks truck just behind again in 3rd, Oliver Toothill taking 4th and Brian Peall rounding out the end of the B and taking the family bragging rights tonight. Then ending with the A and Chris taking honours tonight, Mitch taking 2nd with Jason 3rd, and myself out of position in 4th due to electrical issue for Steve Tindall which should have had him at least in front of me and battling further up.

A couple of reminders, I know will be mentioned before the end of the week, anyone who still wants to book in for round 3 of our winter series then get yourselves down. Track set up on Saturday will be at 6pm. Anyone who is able to help would be much appreciated, and normal start on Sunday from 7.30am onwards for early doors. Aiming to get racing just after 9, so we can have a good and full days racing.

Also, as Simon mentioned in a previous post, he has set up the link on the club website for BRCA membership renewal for 2019. Please remember that if you do not have membership in place for when we return in January you will be unable to race. Any questions please speak to one of us on the committee. Any questions about the weekend carpet meeting then again please just ask. Have a good week and see you all at the weekend.


Notes on the Annual General Meeting on 12th November 2018 by Scott West

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend tonightís AGM, itís much appreciated. For the ones who were unable to attend, here is a breakdown on what was gone through and decided so you can see what is happening going forward
ē Committee - not massive of changes to the committee, as most have agreed to stay on so for you to see, Rick Hellewell will carry on as club chairman and Chris Lovely continues as vice chairman, Jason Lovely takes on the secretary role, Brian Peall will run as Treasurer, Simon Babb continues on as webmaster and Ed Turrell joins myself as committee members into next year
ē Finances - the club continues to run at a profit and accounts still good. Expenditure on new carpet, laptops amongst other areas have been bought and costings on hall use etc all included but we are in a good position going into next year.
ē Tuesday meetings - after discussion, Tuesdays will continue to run under the same format of running on wood floor. Changes are, after each round, there will be a 10 minute break to allow drivers to have time to fix cars, change set ups, grab a drink and snack etc so not so pressured between rounds, especially if only 4 heats per round as makes it a bit of a stretch. Mitch Fiddling also raises about how the rounds are formed on weeknights, so aiming to go now with 3 rounds and 1 final to give a change to just doing qualifiers.
ē Sunday meetings - no major changes to the Sundayís as already working well with current formats on our ever improving winter series and having. A small summer series. We are fully booked in for all Tuesdays and 1 Sunday every month all through 2019 so all sorted there. The club will continue to push at the objective of going back to friday nights, but right now this still isnít a possibility, hence the need to book for Tuesdays. Time will tell but hoping for fridays in the future.
ē Car classes - again, no major changes. Sundayís will still run with both touring cars of 17.5 open and 13.5 blinky, Tamika trucks and gt12. On Tuesdays, the first Tuesday after every carpet meeting will be classed as more of a set up and testing evening, but will also look to include a heat for both Tamiya trucks and minis. Would this be of interest to anyone? Let us know. Any feedback to tonight is greatly appreciated. Drop a message to anyone on the committee. Also on weeknights, a look at the option of changing the 17.5 class from boosted to blinky. Something again we are going to look at over the coming weeks. Everything else stays the same with tyre choices, lipo use, etc etc.
ē Race calendar for 2019 - the Sundayís will stay the same. Ending the winter series in march, then running a small summer carpet series through April to August, September being a carpet warm up day to them Start the 2019 winter series in October. On weeknight, we look to run 3 championships. First one in January to March, 5 out of 7 rounds to qualify, then another 2 championships running 7 out of 10 to qualify. With the rest of year making up of club and test nights. With Tuesdays having lower numbers, we continue to run with a more relaxed approach to racing In the week, and then a big focus on our carpet meetings where we do get a lot more racers. It just local but from further afield which is great to see. Look out over the coming weeks on our website as Simon builds up the calendar for next year.
ē Transponders - this was a big topic this evening, especially after the glitch on Sunday. We do appreciate everyoneís patience with this on the day. Now, our own club transponders have seen better days so the idea has come up that we are going to aim to purchase a numbers or personal transponders that we are going to make available for racers to use if they donít own their own, especially on Sundayís more so than weeknights. Going forward, these maybe made available to purchase so that in time everyone will have their own. Again, any questions feel free to speak to committee members. By doing this, will avoid big expense of changing systems or drivers needing to replace their own pts to suit.
ē Rostrum - on Tuesday this week, as well as looking to fix the issue with the start loop, the rostrum will also be checked and parts replaced if needed. Also discussed was getting up and down off the rostrum, so another thing we aim to do is to organise some small steps with a rail so if more of a struggle then again hopefully this will help.
Couple of other small points, it has been decided that this year, we will not run a team race as we donít feel we will get the numbers to make it work , so will run a club night before we break up at the end of the year. There will also be no Christmas party or prize giving as again,. The numbers are limited and championship completion has been lower due to hall change, night change etc. Of course like last year, there will be championship prizes for the winter series and a raffle. Chris has worked hard with our sponsors to get a great variety or prizes, and as last year, Jason will open the raffle in February. One thing was mentioned tonight about doing an informal Christmas night out. If anyone is interested in this, or idea to where to go, then again speak to us.
So that pretty much covers it. Hopefully I have got the majority of info across to you. If I have missed anything then please comment down so everyone can see. But we are in a good place and will continue to get better into next year.

Race report for the LRCC Schumacher Carpet Series race on 21/10/18 by Chris Lovely

So thatís it. Weíre done and dusted for the first one of the Schumacher Carpet series. What did you think?? Months of preparation, new bodyshells, motors, batteries all orders and ready and it was show time. A big thank you goes to those who set there alarm clocks early, and put in the miles to come race with us today I was happy to get round and talk and meet you all. Today we hit 60 drivers, yes some were double entries but they were entries and itís a record for the club. Remember guys in three weeks we are back again!!!! A big thank you goes to the sponsors of the class. Muz Schumacher of Schumacher racing, Greg Hill of Xray uk Rcdisco, Lee Ward RC of Vulcan rc, Remo Casadei of Moody fools, Daniel Austin of Rprc Distribution, Gareth Hollis of 6k racing, Nathan Winyard of nw raxing, Jamie Booth of smd, Francisco Martini of Monaco Rc and the guys of Rc bearings. So where do I start A big thank you goes to those who gave up there saturday night the ten or so guys, you know who you are.
Club class
No worlds champion to start the series with no Andrew Babb, gives his rivals the chance to leap frog him. Jason Lovely started where he left off last year. Stewart Mcleod has shown the pace at the warm up meets and showed good pace today. Steve Tindall made a return to racing with an older car cut new radio gear and took 2nd place on the Times. Kevin Bishop rocked around the older car of the Schumacher 99 and showed great pace with extinct car. Callum Chapman showed freat pace on this class field to make the a main again, and Scott West with new machinery rounded out the top final. Paul Crawford showed great pace but was the unlucky b final pole sitter. Mick Lammiman and Michael Burks showed life intbe older dogs get and Mike Mansell getting back into the groove of touring racing. Scott Johnston showed the practice at sleaford is working and making great strides.
No worlds champion of James Hart, so a clean slate for all the drivers. Chris Lovely looked to take tq in all rounds but running into traffic... literally stopped these chances ?? Nathan Winyard would show the pace of the new 19 Xray and take top spot. Andrew Green would back up his pre event pace, and our very own Jesus Joseph Cocking would be 4th. Mikey Mansell and Lisa Louise Keen great to see them return with the Capricorn and new serpent cars showing some great pace. Daniel Burks mr balls out, rounded out the top spots. Peter Covell was the unlucky man to fall out with Ryan Godbehere improving fast with his Xray. The actor Tom Hardy has an off day, with Nathan Dearn showing great speed and Phil Campbell learning the ropes of 13.5.
No Matt Cook or Jordan Leavis to start the series allowed the rest to jump in. Russell Woodhouse took top spot by the slimmest of margins from Lee Ward , Paul Vincent cemented 3rd with Jerry Boothe learning the ropes of gt12 4th ahead of Sean Cohen
Battle was on for Jason lovely who has had the quickest truck all year but Mitch Fiddling chipped at it all day. A worthy trip for John Yarnall pipping our webmaster Simon Babb Mike Mansell the final man to squeeze into the A, with Tom Berry getting very close. Harvey Greenfield would see of Woz, from Sean Cohen and our chairman Rick Hellewell sand bagging.
Trevor Sorrell would come out on top in the d final for 17.5, and a very surprised Daniel Newton who is improving all the time. Nigel Parker was super impressed to take home some sweets, after finding a pair of glasses to do the job ?? Pete Collins would actually finish, with young Connor McCann still learning but improving ever more. Simon babb would round out a bad day with a non finish
C final
Trevor Welbourn took time some sweets and near two bags of he played his cards right from Steve Smart and Dave Greenfield. Itís great to see these guys making the move from the wood floor and enjoying the carpet racing. Dave Greenfield getting it over Harvey one to talk about on the way home. Jerry Booth And Alan Smith running into issues in tbere final
B finals
Mick Lammiman would come up from 2nd and have a nice drive in front of one of the old gits Micheal Burks, Paul Crawford would drop to third, and Scott Johnston having a supreme performance. Mike mansell And Warren Frith founding thhis one out Carl Frith
Harvey Greenfield would avenge the defeat to dad in the touring car heat by taking the overall in the B final, Tom Berry would take home some sweets for his efforts and maybe a GT12 run next time out. Sean Cohen has another decent run to a podium
A final
Jason And Mitch put on a show with some close racing for the opening laps. Worksops 2wd series winner showing the pace to gap Jason and make the clean pass (see video) John Yarnall would have a worthy trip and see his pace good for 3rd. Mike Mansell would make 4th and Simon Babb will be looking for less grip next time out!
Two solid finals and some really good drivers in these heats making great racing. Peter Covell would take the win from Phil Campbell and Ryan Godbehere. And it was good racing with some guys learning the ropes in this class.
A final
A pile up at the first corner (see video on Facebook) would see Nathan Winyard steam ahead into a commanding lead he would never let up. I was lucky to come back through the field in 2nd. Gareth Coates will be happy to see his big raxing car of Andrew Green in 3rd. Solid drives form Dan Burks and Jesus would see great reuslts, Lisa Keen improving the serpent on a lower grip track Iíve not got the rest of the results due to being super slow to get them pictures so I do apologise (full results on here - see the Results Tab above)) So sorry to anyone I didnít mention
Russ Woodhouse would take the victory with a very nice lead and good start to his championship. Remains in grid order lee ward would come home 2nd and Paul Vincent 3rd. Jerry would get the better of Sean to take the bragging rights home to mablethorpe
Iíve watched some good racing in all classes and in all finals today. Letís keep it up guys and thanks for for being part of today and this series. Pics will go up ASAP Pre booking will go up tommorow for round 2 November 12th!!!
Until then peace out.

Latest Updates following a committee meeting on 20/8/18

Good news, we have the Meridian Hall booked for every 2nd Sunday each month from April next year so we can have a carpet race meeting once every month. We have also booked every Tuesday evening from 6-10pm throughout 2019, the calendar has been updated to show this for the first 3 months of 2019.

Now the really good news
, to help members we are extending this years membership through to the end of March 2019, so you will not have to pay out for both BRCA and LRCCC membership at the same time at the beginning of the year. Renewal date will be 1st April each year going forward. LRCCC membership next year will be unchanged at £20 for adults and £10 for juniors. Race fees for the full day carpet meetings are £8.00 for LRCCC members with an additional £2.00 for a second car, for non-members it will be £10 with an additional £5.00 for a second car.

We are investigating getting LRCCC branded polo shirts and hoodies made for members to buy, see Scott West if interested, the plan is to get a few samples made for you to see before ordering. Tyres for the next Carpet series are confirmed as the same as last year, Sorex 28R although if people did buy the Rush tyres we will let them use them in the first meeting if they want to, to wear them out. Sorry if this has caused confusion, but we are finding the Rush tyres are wearing out very quickly on our carpet compared with the Sorex tyres.
The truck racing was discussed and once the Carpet series starts we will be carefully checking the trucks to ensure they are standard and comply with the rules so the September test meeting is your last chance to get the trucks set up and fully compliant before the series starts. If your truck does not comply with the rules it will still be allowed to race but won't collect any championship points in the series for that round. This is to ensure this class remains a cheap fun series to race in, if people want to buy all the upgrade options and modify their cars the saloon car classes cater for this very well.

Latest News

STOP PRESS - we have extended your membership this year through till the end of March 2019, this is to help spread the costs through the year so that you don't have to pay both the BRCA and LRCCC membership at the start of the year when you are recovering from Christmas. Going forward membership renewal will be on 1st April each year. Any new members joining at the start of 2019 will have membership valid to the end of March 2020

We had a poll on Facebook and the majority of our members voted to move to Tuesday. Sunday attendance had been dropping to around 20 drivers with a low of only 8 last Sunday. We cannot afford to hire the full hall with these low numbers so moving to half a hall on a Tuesday will reduce our costs and permit many of our existing member who struggle to get there on Sunday to come back and race on a weekday evening. Half the Meridian hall is almost as big as the Cordeaux hall we used to race in, the only area that will be tight is pit space so we request that people do not bring large pit tables and are prepared to share the Meridian tables. Other than that nothing will change, still the same floor and facilities, you may want to gear down the car to suit the slightly small track, but that should be all the changes needed. The full day Sunday Carpet meetings are unchanged so will be in the full hall with plenty of pit space..

Note that we have changed the Meridian Series back to your best 5 out of 8 results now that we are not racing on a Sunday and no longer clash with the August Bank Holiday and Cadwell Park.

Other News

The Volksworld Series is now complete with Chris Lovely the winner, closely followed by Andrew Green, these two have been the front runners all series, only being beaten in the last round when Mitch Fiddling made an appearance.
The Meridian Series is now complete, there were 3 or 4 rounds of qualifying heats and then 1 or 2 finals each week for the 8 rounds of this series.
The next carpet meeting is fast approaching, please book in via our Facebook page if possible to help us get an idea of the numbers and speed up the booking in process. Not many GT12 cars booked in to date, contact Chris Lovely if you are coming but having trouble booking in via the Facebook page. Remember we will have a class for the Tamiya Trucks, the more the merrier!

The first carpet test day was a great success so we have had several more, the last carpet set up day before the Schumacher Carpet Series starts was on 9th September - book in now via Facebook. There has been a good turn out with 8 of the new Tamiya trucks and the promise of more to come. Jason Lovely seemed to have his set up better than the rest of the trucks and romped home for a decisive win. There was much checking out of his truck to see what his setup was, but other than having his dampers on upside down and inserts in the tyres it looked absolutely box standard. The racing in the other classes was close and looking at the results you can see just how close it was. We still need to master the rolling up of the carpet at the end of the day as this seems to take forever to get it right and its not for the lack of people trying. Thanks for those that stayed to help, it seems we just need a team of carpet fitters to come racing with us!

New class for 2018/19 carpet series
We have added a class for Tamiya TT01E trucks, the aim for this class is low cost and close racing with all trucks to the same specification. The only modifications permitted are for reliability, so ball bearings are permitted throughout the truck, an alloy prop shaft is permitted. To enable the use of the standard LiPo batteries that everyone has, the fitting of a Hobbywing 1060 speed controller is permitted. We want these trucks to look like the real ones and hence the kit wheels and tyres are complusory, additive is permitted to improve grip. These kits are available online for less than £130, bearing kits are around £10 and the Hobbywing ESC is less than £20. Alloy hop-ups such as wishbones, driveshafts, dampers etc are expressly prohibited. A non-Tamiya bodyshell is permitted, but not recommended as the quality of the ones we have seen leaves a lot to be desired. You are allowed to build the car to the best possible standard using shims, oil, grease etc. The kit dampers can have grease or thick diff oil applied to give some damping effect and can be fitted upside down, but must retain all the kit parts. The alternative damper mounting hole on the shock tower can be used if desired. Basically you can tweak and adjust the kit parts to get the best performance from them but cannot go and buy all the expensive hop-up parts available and bolt them on the truck as this defeats the object of the class.
Additive on the tyres seemed to be beneficial and super glue on the tyre sidewalls can help depending on your driving style. Mounting the dampers upside down with a couple of drops of very thick diff oil or grease in them seems to be beneficial, helping to prevent the worst of the bouncing when cornering hard. Overall it has been good close racing with the odd bit of contact till the trucks got spread out a bit on the track. As the day progressed grip roll became more common and several drivers discovered that you can self right your truck with a quick blast of throttle on full lock! At the second test meeting we had a couple of trucks with non-standard parts such as oil filled dampers and faster motors, these were much faster and will not be permitted once we get to the Winter Series races.

The BRCA provide our insurance cover in case of any accidents. They will only cover new drivers for 3 weeks after that you must either join the BRCA or not race. Existing BRCA members must renew their membership before they can race in 2017. The LRCCC committee have to enforce this rule to maintain our BRCA membership and insurance cover. Any driver turning up to race after this 3 week period will not be permitted to drive at the club until they have joined the BRCA. If you have not joined through LRCCC, please make sure you have your BRCA membership card with you as proof of membership.

Tyre additive
The additives permitted are as detailed on the BRCA 1/12th scale website, these are not oil based and hence should not damage the carpet. You will be allowed to add it on the day but will be required to demonstrate that your tyres are "dry" with no excess on them before you race. It is recommended that you have an old towel or similar to dry the tyres before each race. See the Carpet Rules page for more details on the permitted additives.

For the new website I'd like some nice new photos of your latest cars or recent LRCCC events. E-mail them to me - the address is on the home page. I'll get them loaded over the next few weeks. Thanks to those who have sent me photos, I'm working on updating the relevant pages, more pictures always welcome.