GT12's on the grid Meridian Centre track
News, Reviews and Results - 7th November 2017 - Welcome to the LRCCC website.

By now many people will be aware that Toll Bar Academy no longer want the club to race at Cordeaux School so our last race meeting there will be the Team Race on 15th December. The club has been racing at Cordeaux School for over 10 years and in that time has contributed around 30,000.00 to school funds, but this is not sufficient to ensure our continued use of the hall in 2018. The committee are looking at all options for racing in 2018 and will keep everyone informed as soon as we have any definite news on a new venue and dates. Racing for the remainder of 2017 and racing at the Meridian Centre in 2018 is unaffected. If anyone knows of a suitable venue please get in contact with any of the committee so we can check it out.

On 20th October we were presented with Sponsorship cheques by Louth Volksworld and Interskill, thanks to both these companies for supporting our club and we look forward to their sponsored race series in 2018.

The first round of the LRCCC Schumacher Carpet Series was held at the Meridian Centre in Louth and was well attended with 55 cars entered in the various classes. There was close racing in all classes with fractions of a second separating the top drivers in each class. 13.5 Blinky "A" Final was the top class and was eventually won by James Hart closely followed by Jimmy Maddison, LRCCC's own Chris Lovely was third, ending up less than a second behind Jimmy Maddison. 13.5 Blinky "B" final was won by Andrew Green closely followed by Mikey Mansell and Pete Covell taking third position. 17.5 Club Class "A" final was won by Andrew Babb with Oliver Toothill less than half a second behind in second place with Alan Smith a lap down in third. The 17.5 "B" final was won by Paul Toothill with Brian Peall and Jerry Boothe in 2nd and 3rd respectively. GT12 was closely fought with Matt Cook eventually taking the win from Bob Harley and Mark Hulme. Only two F1's were entered and Mick Lammiman took the honours from Brian Peall.
The buggies had a series of jumps put into the track which provided quite a bit of "air time" especially if taken too enthusiasically! Mitch Fiddling was top 2WD followed by Jason Lovely and Russell Gardner and in the 2WD "B" final it was Tom Penn followed home by Trevor Burrows and Nigel Parker. In 4WD Buggies James Beckett ran out a clear first followed by Rick Howells and Simon Babb. Everyone seemed to enjoy the racing on the new carpet, we have lessons to learn on taping the carpet down as it needed repeated re-taping in some places during the day. The new start / finish gantry worked fine and there seemed plenty of room for everyone to pit. Thanks to all those who attended especially all the visitors, some of whom had very early starts and long journeys to race with us, we hope to see you all at round 2. Thanks to our main sponsors Schumacher and everyone else who either provided banners, raffle prizes or just helped lay out the track and clear it away. Plenty of photos were taken and will be added in due course, see them also on our Facebook page.

The Brock Autos Series finished on 6th October with some really close racing through all the heats. The "A" heat was particularly close with the top 4 drivers separated by just over a second. The Lovely brothers claimed the top two positions with Chris coming out on top, third was Andrew Green with Mitch Fiddling taking fourth. This is the last of the Brock Autos series as there will be a new sponsor next year for this series. The first round of the new LRCCC Schumacher Carpet series is next weekend on the 15th. We are looking forward to a good turn out in our new venue with our new carpet. There will be classes for saloons, GT12's, F1's and both 2WD & 4WD buggies. We will be laying the carpet out on Saturday evening (14th) at around 6.30pm so help would be welcome from any members who can make it, the more there are the quicker it will be done, and the more we get done in the evening means more time for practice and racing on Sunday.

The carpet test day at Meridian on 10th September went well, set-up of the carpet and track took around 2 hours this first time but in future should be much quicker now that we know what is required and the best way to do it. Racing on the new carpet was good, grip levels were much higher and more consistant than on our old carpet and with the bigger layout possible in the Meridian hall a nice open sweeping track layout was possible and the large gym mats were available to use to make a series of jumps for the buggies which worked well. We managed 3 rounds of qualifying heats followed by one round of finals as we started packing up early as we needed to trim some of the carpets to length before packing them into the trailer. There was a good turnout with 30 cars entered, the 13.5 blinky saloons proved to be the fastest but there was close racing in all classes. Hopefully we will now attract more racers from further afield now that we have the new hall and carpet, the track looked really good with the sponsors banners around the track and quite a few visitors to the Meridian Centre came to watch the racing for the first time. There are a series of pictures of the track on the LRCCC Facebook page.

Lots of work has been going on in the background. Chris Lovely has been using his contacts to get us sponsors for our various race series, the first one is Schumacher for the Carpet Series starting on 10th September at the Meridian Centre. As the Meridian centre has a bigger hall, we have bought and made up another 50m of new track and thanks to Ben Appleby we now have a second trailer full of new top quality carpet to race on. For our first carpet race event we will need to cut and fit the carpet so it will take longer to set everything up, once the track is complete we will have a series of heats for the remainder of the morning and some races in the afternoon. This first event will not count towards the Schumacher Carpet Series Championship. We also have some advertising banners and should soon have a smart new start finish ganrty. Next job is to look at refurbishing or replacing the rostrum which is getting rather worn now. Chris has also got us a load of prizes to raffle or auction, these include signed bodyshells and other goodies.

The King of Cordeaux Series has now finished with all the places closely fought. Chris Lovely secured the series with a storming drive on the last week, putting in the only 29 lap race, Andrew Green took second place with Jason Lovely in third. Next week is the last week of the Brock series then its the start of Pete's Championship the following week. Remember that for the next two Sundays we are also racing at the Meridian Centre, first week on the wooden floor and the second week on carpet. We now have all the new carpet and also another 50 metres of new track ready for this larger hall. Have a look at the clubs Facebook page where Chris Lovely has a walk round video tour of the Meridian Centre if you haven't been there before.

The AGM was held on Monday 7th August at the Town & Country Club in Louth and was well attended. The accounts were briefly covered and accepted, as the outgoing secretary was not at the meeting we did not get a report on any correspondance or meetings held during the year. Jerry Clarke confirmed that due to pressure of work he was standing down as chairman and was given a round of thanks for all his work over the last few years. Rick Helleman was elected as the new chairman with Chris Lovely as Vice Chairman. John Lewis agreed to continue as Treasurer for another year and Brian Peall volunteered to take on the role of Secretary. Simon Babb remained on the committee as webmaster and Scott West, Ben Appleby and Matt Cook joined the committee for the forthcoming year. The main discussion centred on the venue for races after the end of August this year as it is uncertain if we can remain at Cordeaux. The secretary has now written officially to the manager at Toll Bar Academy for clarification on this ASAP, in the meantime we have secured the hall at Meridian Centre for racing on a Sunday and there are races scheduled for 3rd September on the wooden floor and on 10th September on carpet. Thanks were given to Ben Appleby who drove to Chippenham to collect another trailer and three rolls of new top quality carpet and to Essex to get two more rolls of carpet. Until we get any news we should assume that races are going ahead as per the Events Calendar as shown on this website, if things change we will publish it here and on our Facebook page. We are in the process of getting sponsors for the various race series and Louth Mens Shed are going to help us with a new start/finish loop. The other item we are looking at is the rostrum, we need either new or refurbished legs and a new bottom step, the carpet on the platform then needs sticking down again. Race and membership fees were discussed and it was generally argreed that race fees should rise to 5 a night from the 3 that we have had for over 10 years, similarly the Sunday fees would increase to cover the increased cost of Meridian over Cordeaux. It was noted that we would not be able to have our tuckshop at Meridian as they already have a cafe / shop.

The Winter Series for 2017 is now complete, it was a close series with the result only decided at the last round. Chris Lovely needed to win the last round to beat Mitch Fiddling for the series and just managed it.

The BRCA provide our insurance cover in case of any accidents. They will only cover new drivers for 3 weeks after that you must either join the BRCA or not race. Existing BRCA members must renew their membership before they can race in 2017. The LRCCC committee have to enforce this rule to maintain our BRCA membership and insurance cover. Any driver turning up to race after this 3 week period will not be permitted to drive at the club until they have joined the BRCA. If you have not joined through LRCCC, please make sure you have your BRCA membership card with you as proof of membership.

Tyre additive - the committee agreed to allow tyre additive for the carpet races in 2015 and this continues for 2017. The additives permitted are as detailed on the BRCA 1/12th scale website, these are not oil based and hence should not damage the carpet. You will be allowed to add it on the day but will be required to demonstrate that your tyres are "dry" with no excess on them before you race. It is recommended that you have an old towel or similar to dry the tyres before each race. See the Carpet Rules page for more details on the permitted additives.

For the new website I'd like some nice new photos of your latest cars or recent LRCCC events. E-mail them to me - the address is on the home page. I'll get them loaded over the next few weeks. Thanks to those who have sent me photos, I'm working on updating the relevant pages, more pictures always welcome.